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Welcome to the creative world!

         Here, in order to compose number of ideas, You will be immersed in creativity. To make Your space sound it will be analised by using vedic approach "Vastu shastra" and various tecniques to identify weak points. The concept will be born by sharing your goals and aspirations for life.

         I help to plan interior spaces, creating  the spatial & chromatic mood-boards. I assist with renovations, creating techincal drawings and 3D models. I deal with geo-pathogenic analysis of the land and the interior space. I do design furniture and restyling the old furniture. I create artworks and organize creative courses.

         The space will become a place that has narrative. It will become a source of Your energy and place of recharge. You will be blown away by simple techniques we can use in order to improve Your vital space

"Your space is my canvas"

Alexandra S.Kharakoz
+39 351 594 73 01

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