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In Moscow I started an artistic training at a very young age. During my childhood (from 3 to 12 years old) I attended dance and theater courses and I obtained a diploma in fine arts, in classical piano and in drums. As a child I participated in art competitions, exhibitions, shows, concerts and other creative challenges.

During my adolescence (from 12 to 19 years old) I obtained a degree in music, specializing in piano. I played keyboards in a jazz band and timpani in a brass orchestra. At the same time I attended the evening university of the fine arts and design . 

In London(from 19 to 26 years) I continued my training in design, earning a bachelor's degree at the ISTITUTO MARANGONI and master's degree at BRIGHTON UNIVERSITY. This experiences have strongly influenced my creative development and my training as a designer, artist and creative person.

Jazz band a Mosca
Cantieri a Londra
Scuola di Arte a Mosca
Piazza rossa Mosca
Jazz college a Mosca
Colline pittoreschi in Inghilterra
Amicizia internazionale Laurea Brighton
Esplorazione di musica elettronica
Design lavoro a Londra
Coraggio e comando


   ALEXARAKOZ CREATIVE STUDIO deals with  development of design and artworks  with a contemporary touch, often applying interdisciplinary methodologies.

  Alexandra believes that, through art and design, the world will become a better place and will be changed by an artistic approach. She currently works in the context of the Italian Alps, painting abstract landscapes, designing and carrying out creative activities.

  The art of beauty  must be accessible and understandable to anyone regardless of position, social status, politics or worldview. Being able to inspire people is the main aim behind Alexandra's work.

"... Alexandra approached her work with high level of ambition displaying a willingness to push herself beyond the boundaries of what she already knew how to do. This approach to her work whether design based or connected to her research project has resulted in the production of a sagnificant body of work with a high degree of originality ..."- F.O'Sullivan - Principal Lecturer (Experimental Design Practices Research) University of Brighton

"... Alexandra has attempted to push the boundaries of her involvement in her projects, consistently challenging in a positive light and never satisfied with obvious conclusions."- T.Taliadoros - Tutor at Istituto Marangoni

"... Her work is always top quality in every aspect be it research, design or working in 3D Max ... Her attention to detail has been second to none and determination to produce a workable well designed solution is admirable."-B.Soundy - Teacher of 3D visualization 

"... The winner in the CAST category is Alexandra Kharakoz from the UK, withSonic Landscape - an interactive, real-time, sonic sculpture designed to heighten awareness to the way our world sounds ..."- Frame magazine, UK 2012/100% Design

"... The submission revealed an impressive mixture of courage and vision, ambition verging on the impossible, tempered with just the right amount of practicality. Proposal seem to be guided by intuition and perception of demands on a local and national level, rather than an egoistic exercise. We made decisions based on the consistency of the idea, its presentation and practicability, rather than its timescale for development."- Patricia Urquiola -  Chair of the judges, designer and architect   

"... The Awating Eyes Foundation" is a humanitarian organization ... the project of a hospital with 110 rooms ... Alexandra participated in the design giving her contribution as principal coordinator of a team of interior designers, carried out their assignment with correctness and precision, epunctuality  on the workplace. He demonstrated an excellent aptitude for teamwork and an excellent command of drawing software. I can affirm that in the position carried out he has shown qualities ofcreativity  and solving problems, all these characteristics have made her a precious collaborator ..."- Architect Luca Stompanato -  Hospital Project Manager, Awaiting Eyes Foundation, London  

" ...I found her exhibition (landscapes of light) full of extremely pleasant emotions; an evocative path of reassuring positivity. An original and preciously intimate journey in the religious or philosophical or simply dreamlike universe. I was fascinated by the power not only affective or celebratory, but bordering on the thaumaturgical of the family: fulcrum and infinite source of protection and energy. I think the depiction of some municipalities in the Aosta Valley is delightful: works of small size but rich in sweet poetry. The welcoming smile of the artist seems to offer a pause of almost refreshing serenity in the scorching heat these"- Franca Volpe painter - former member of the Association Valdostani Artists from 1992 to 2018.  

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