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Week 1

The first step towards realization of the idea

- I ask you various details about the idea or your project, what you don't like, what you want to change. We will find inspirations aligned with your idea

- tell me about yourself, your goals, share your expectations and we will create a starting point for you. We will dream together, I will guide you through the process

- we discuss how I will help you, we will structure the path, we talk about prices, discover the possibilities of collaboration


Week 2-3

Outlook of the path 

The realization of the project begins with:

- color scheme and selection of materials

- conceptual & mood-board that helps to communicate the ideas, the atmosphere, the spirit of the project, which will be driving force for your the imagination

- analysis of the terrain, of the space, control geopatogenic stress

- first drafts, sketches of the space and aggregation of ideas

Collection of space documentation: the architectural project or space measurements, terrain morphology, geolocation, adjacent infrastructures and more


Week 3-5

Technical work out

- space planning with measurements, p-ne of zones (zoning), design with furniture, design of built-in furniture and other documentation necessary for implementation, p-ne electrical and electronic system,3D visualization of the object, definition of the project and metric calculation, selection of companies for the realization of your project, compilation of professional members , creation of a local team, scheduling of works and deadlines for realisation of your project!

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